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I had a great experience working with Rebecca Field and I highly recommend her. She did a wonderful job overseeing my son’s college application process. I am a single parent and I was terrified of the overwhelming job of getting my kid to apply to college. My son is a good student, but his GPA and SAT scores were not great. He also has mild Asperger’s syndrome and organizing extremely complex tasks requires some effort. But Rebecca whipped him into shape and got him to follow a tight schedule and make all the necessary decisions at all the necessary times. I participated, but I felt that the main weight was carried by Rebecca and my son, and I did not have to become a nervous wreck worrying about what application was due when and how to write all those essays. She worked hard with him on the essays, and in the end he was able to produce beautiful, polished essays that presented an authentic picture of himself and that were in his own voice.

Mike, Tulane Parent

Rebecca is one of a kind and has given me unparalleled support in all my educational endeavors. Even with my prestigious high school and ivy league preparation, my academic and personal careers could not have launched successfully without Rebecca. Her unique and effective techniques single-handedly allowed me to conquer my learning difficulties. Before I was "driven to distraction." Now, I am ambitious with my agendas.

Jono, UC Berkeley

Rebecca Field has provided an excellent service to me as a counselor and coach, and has helped me immensely in school organization and time management. Without her I would likely have dropped out of higher education for good, but with her assistance I’ve been able to set up management strategies for myself and have made huge progress towards completing my degree, all while receiving higher grades than I have since before high school. She’s personable, friendly, and helpful without sacrificing pragmatism and goal-oriented thinking.

Brandon, UC Riverside 

I am writing as a parent of a brilliant, wise, and charming adult child with ADHD and severe executive functioning difficulties, and as a speech pathologist who works with many children with the same issues, as well as high functioning autism.

Rebecca Field is an amazing support for parents. She worked with my daughter on finding the right college match, and helped her blend dreams with reason and practicality. Unlike many college coaches, she listened to what our family could manage, and completely heard our concerns. She further guided our daughter through organizing all of the tasks and projects of college, keeping her on track until she could manage on her own.

Debbie, Parent, Mills College

Rebecca was an amazing asset to my college success. She helped me to realize my full potential when I needed it the most by helping me use all the resources I had available. These weren’t just resources at school, but resources like time management and prioritizing that I previously had not used to their maximum benefit. Without Rebecca and college counseling, I wouldn’t be one semester away from earning my Bachelors of Science in Marketing. I would highly recommend her services to anyone who wishes to access their full potential in their college careers.

Matt, University of Montana

My son's work with Rebecca Field has been life-changing for him. Rebecca has a unique ability to relate to my son in a way that makes him feel proud of his efforts and also keep him organized and accountable with both college classes and life-skills. I've seen tremendous growth in my son's self-confidence and maturity since he began working with Rebecca. She is also a wealth of information about LD students and working with colleges to get the services that they need. I highly recommend her services.

Jane, Parent, Berkeley City College

Rebecca Field is an excellent coach with multiple assets. During our sessions together, she gave me good advice and guidance in handing my transition from high school to college. She also helped me build up good habits like organizing my time. In addition, she also aided me in preparation for getting a job, especially with interviewing skills and how to look for one from different sources. I never knew what college coaching was, but now I do and I have benefited a lot from it. Thank you Ms. Field!

Alvyn, Diablo Valley College

Rebecca did a fantastic job of getting our son to engage in the process of researching and selecting colleges. Her methodology along with her energetic and supportive approach, provided a good foundation on which good decisions could be made.

Alan, Parent of High School Graduate

Rebecca Field, Ed.M is a great resource and advocate for students who have been diagnosed with a learning disability and who are currently seeking college placement options. As an educational specialist she understands the challenges and demands in regards to preparing for college life and takes a highly individualized approach based on your son/daughters specific needs and talents. Moreover, she is quite familiar with all the programs, colleges, and universities in the Bay Area and beyond, and is warm, personable and will go the extra mile to make sure your youth has a successful college experience! I highly recommend utilizing her services at any juncture of the admissions process!

Dr. Susan Wiltsek, Phy.D